Pictures of amateur radio and explanation of there capabilities

DX-70TH Alinco HF-50MHz Transceiver

Alinco have achieved a design that has been well received. The DX-70TH HF transceiver is packed with versatile features. Detachable front panel, operational modes SSB, CW, AM and FM, wide range general coverage receiver It’s well engineered and has extremely good transmit audio. Whilst primarily aimed at the mobile market it can also offer a compact alternative to the more traditional base station design. It does not have all the features of some of its competitors but then again this is reflected in the price.

HF bands + 50MHz operation - Covers 160 to 6m amateur bands at 100W output. Separate antenna terminals for HF and 6m.

Wide range general coverage receiver - The general coverage receiver covers 150kHz to 30MHz and 50 to 4MHz, SSB, CW, AM & FM.

* Rx 150kHz -35MHz & 45-60MHz * Tx 160m-6m Amateur Bands * USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM * 100/50W USB, SB, CW, FM (40W 50MHz) * 40W AM * Dual VFOs (A/B) * 100 memories * Large backlit LCD * Removable front panel * Narrow SSB and CW filters included * Rx sensitivity: 10dB S/N 0.25uV * 2W audio (4 - 8 Ohms) * 13.5V DC * 0.8AA Rx (no signal) * 20A Tx (100W) * 178 x 58 x 230mm

AE-485S Albrecht Mobile 10m Transceiver

The Wireless Telegraphy (Citizen’s Band and Amateur Apparatus) (Various Provisions) (Amendment) Order 2000 (SI2000/1013) came into force on 1 May 2000. This replaced the original order designed to place restrictions on 27MHz CB equipment, and also effectively restricting commercial manufacture and importation of Amateur Radio equipment for the 28 to 29.7MHz (10m) band. This now allows the sale of single band 28MHz (10m) equipment, either manufactured in the UK or imported from the United States or Japan.

* 28-29.7MHz * 25W FM * 25W SSB PEP * 6W AM * c/w Mic, bracket & power lead
Single Band 28MHz Equipment Deregulated

VX-5R Yaesu 6m/2m/70cm FM 5W Handy

Tiny but incredibly rugged, the VX-5R provides transceiver capability on three amateur bands (50/144/430MHz) and almost continuous reception from 500kHz up to 999MHz. Despite its small size it can deliver up to 5W on all three bands using an external supply or 5W on 6/2m and 4.5W using a Lithium-Ion battery. The Lithium-Ion battery supplies 7.2V at an incredible 1100mAh. Depending on the power levels used operating times of 6 to 12 hours are now possible. The supplied AC adaptor provides charging of the standard FNB-58LI in five hours or less. The VX-5R has many facilities including Smart SearchTM for automatic loading of memories as well as dual watch for monitoring a main channel and a secondary frequency. Spectra-ScopeTM for monitoring adjacent channels and the Automatic Range Transponder System (ARTSTM) which provides audible confirmation of “in-range” and “out-of-range” status with other ARTSTM equipped stations. CTCSS and DCS encoders/decoders are built-in as well as a menu-driven 1750Hz tone burst system.

* 50 - 52, 144 - 146, 430 - 440MHz Tx * 0.5-16, 48-59, 59-108, 108-137, 137-174MHz * 174-222, 222-420, 20-470, 470-729, 800-999MHz Rx * 5W RF output @ 13.8V ext. 50/144/430MHz * 5W @ 7.2V 50/144MHz * 4.5W @ 7.2V 430MHz * 300mW * Freq. deviation: ±5kHz * NFM, WFM, AM * AM Air-band receive * 10 channel steps incl. 5/9kHz AM * 220 memories, home channels, band limits * Programmable memory scan * Alphanumeric display * Built-in CTCSS & DCS encode/decode * Dual watch * Spectra-ScopeTM 5 channels above and below * Automatic Range Transponder (ARTSTM) * Optional barometric pressure/altimeter unit * Lithium-Ion battery FNB-58LI) standard * NC-72 AC adaptor (supplied) * Battery saver * Automatic power off (APO) * Visual low battery monitor * 58 x 87 x 28mm * 255g

TS-2000 All Mode Multibander Transceiver

The "Black box" model TS-B2000 (without display) is for use in a vehicle with a RC-2000 remote head. Both models of transceivers will directly interface with your personal computer controlled via the new Kenwood ARCP-2000 software (provided with the TS-B2000). For 23cm the optional UT-20 module is available.

* Frequency: 30kHz-60MHz, 142-152MHz, 420-450, (1240-1300MHz optional) * RF Output: HF/50/144MHz 100W, 440MHz 50W, 1200MHz 10W * Modes: SSB, CW, FSK, FM & AM * Simultaneous reception on two bands possible * Independent sub-band 118-174MHz, 220-512MHz (FM/AM only) * Built-in automatic ATU (HF/50MHz) with preset memory * World's first HF backlit front key panel * Autotracking satellite functions (cross-mode compatible) * IF DSP for main-band use * AF DSP for sub-bands * Combination of Digital IF filters & IF DSP slope tuning * Digital IF AGC * IF Auto-Notch function * Manual Notch for single wave * AF beat canceller * Choice of Noise Reduction - NR1 for SSB, NR2 (SPAC) for CW * CW Autotuning * DSP variable demodulation for SSB/CW/FSK/AM * Built-in TNC (1200/9600bps) information displayed on LCD * Electronic keyer system * Kenwood Sky Command System (KSS) II Transporter built-in * Size 270 x 96 x 317mm Options: RC-2000 Remote Head, ACRP-2000 Remote Control Software, UT-20 23cm Unit, DRU-3A Digital Recoding Unit, MB-430 Mobile Bracket

IC-756PRO Icom HF Transceiver 100W All-mode

1.8 - 54MHz 100W SSB CW FM AM RTTY 12V Supply

The IC-756PRO places a whole range of new features within reach of the serious HF operator and DX enthusiast. It is a true HF+6m DSP transceiver with 32-bit, floating point, IF DSP. This refined level of processing improves noise reduction and provides auto-notch functions.

The 5in. TFT colour LCD used for the first time in a HF transceiver, improves a wider viewing angle and increased level of information, without cluttering the display area. Dual frequency display, memory frequency and memory name, IF filter bandwidth, RTTY tuning indicator and received characters, real-time spectrum scope and voice memory and CW memory keyer contents can all be displayed. The real-time spectrum scope has its own area and there are four selectable sweep ranges to choose from.

The dual watch facility enables reception of two signals on the same frequency band simultaneously - monitor a DX station while operating on another frequency.

There is a built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder circuit. Two peak frequencies can be selected by setting the shift width for RTTY operation. Received data is shown on the LCD.

In addition the IC-756PRO has several other built-in components including an automatic ATU (with 50MHz coverage), an electronic keyer and a memory keyer function. It also offers a triple band stacking register, manual notch (with 90dB of attenuation), variable rejection-level noise reduction and a microphone equaliser function, providing 121 different AF characteristics.

With such advanced features and superb quality Digital Signal Processing, this model will clearly be the new benchmark for HF transceivers.

FT-1000MP MARK-V Yaesu All mode HF Transceiver

Elite-Class HF Transceiver the FT-1000MP Mark-V built around five pillars: (1) 200W PEP transmitter output (2) Class-A PA operation (3) IBDT - Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking System (4) VRF - Variable RF Front-end Filter (5) Enhanced Ergonomics - Multi-function Shuttle Jog Dial.

The MARK-V is the latest version of the highly acclaimed FT-1000MP HF transceiver from Yaesu and builds on the series that has dominated the HF transceiver market for discerning DX and contest operators. Now available is the FTV-1000 6m transverter for the FT-1000MP MkV.

FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY * 1.8 -30MHz (160m-10m Amateur Bands) Tx * LSB, USB, CW, FSK, FM 200W * Selectable Class A operation * High Speed Automatic ATU beefed up for 200W operation * 100kHz - 30MHz Gen Coverage Rx * Dual Receive - two completely independent receivers * 99 regular, 9 band limit & 5 QMB memories * VRF Preselector filtering (160m-20m) * IDBT (Interlocked Digital Bandwidth DSP) * Main VFO knob and Shuttle jog includes VRF (left side) and IDBT (right side) * Optimized Narrow-bandwidth Filters for CW and Data modes (RTTY, Packet, SSTV, PSK31 & FAX * Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (EDSP) * Selectable SSB Pattern-contour Filters Selectable Digital Product Detector * Digital Auto-Notch * Digital SSB mic. Equalizer * Digital SSB Modulator/Bandpass filter * Dual Receive with independent AGC systems * Built-in crystal and/or Collins mechanical filters * Built-in electronic keyer * CW Reverse Tuning, CW Spot, CW Pitch, CW Tuning Indicator * Built-in RS-232C Level Converter * 1.5 audio (4 - 8 Ohms) * Separate FP-29 Switching-Regulator external 450W Power Supply, Size 106 x 136 x 331mm * Mk-V FT-1000MP Size 410 x 135 x 347mm (approx.)

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