Co-axial cable leads and Plugs

The socket on the majority of radios is known as an SO-239 socket (back of radio, not handhelds).  A PL-259 plug is what plugs into it.  Sometimes patch cables are used while tuning an aerial on a car, that is shown as well.  RG-213 co-ax is also used in home installations, but as far as I know, not too popular in auto installations.  It's much thicker than RG-58.

Pictured above is a standard base and lead all pre-manufactured on the left.  That mount would be the type that would mount on the bases illustrated on the mounts page.  The plug on the end is a PL-259 plug, and the same for the other cable on the right.  The difference with the cable on the right is that this base is fitted to a magnetic 'slab' that slams on to your car!  Be careful not to scratch or damage your cars paint and surface if you plan to keep it's resale value.  The base and lead arrangements (non-magnetic) cost about 20.  The magnetic base costs far more!

This above picture is a PL-259 plug.  Hand held radios feature BNC/RCA connectors rather than SO-239 etc.  BNC/RCA are much smaller.

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