Pictures of CB radios and explanation of there capabilities


This is one of the simplest AM CB radios available around the world. It only works on AM, and has all 40 channels. It features an 'ANL' which is an automatic noise filter, used to filter out unwanted noise. AM radios are not illegal in the UK, but are still widely used (mostly truckers).

Advanced technology in a mini CB. Easy-to-use, the 80 Channel EU/UK CITIZEN BAND mobile radio Beta 3100 is about the size of a paperback book. It offers full legal maximum power output with 40 channels on UK frequency and a further 40 channels on EU frequency. Beta 3100 has pinpoint accuracy. Enhanced modulation provides outstanding talk power and better reception. The new Beta 3100 has the latest exclusive UP/DOWN microphone and new "EU/UK Button A" added feature.... nothing could be simpler to use.

Channels: 80 (40EU-40UK)
Frequency Range:
26.965 - 27.405 (EU)
27.60125 - 27.99125 (UK)
Output Power: 4W
Dimensions: 145x165x38
Weight: 63.4 g

High quality 80 channel (EU/UK) transceiver. The PLL circuit generates the requested frequencies by means of a crystal that guarantees a better reliability. The ALAN 48 Plus is completely controlled by a microprocessor. The back-lighted keyboard simplifies the use even during the night.

Channels: 80
Frequency Range: 26.965 - 27.405MHz (EU)
27.60125 - 27.99125 (UK)
Output Power: 4W @ 13.8V
Dimensions: 154x50x175
Weight: 1.3g

The Euro-8000 is a fully featured base station which covers both the UK 40 and CEPT 40 CB channels. Supplied complete with microphone, mains lead and 12V DC lead and instruction manual.

* 80 Channels * 4W FM * Supply 230V AC * 13.8V DC * Memory load store * Chan/Freq readout * Size 280 x 200 x 70mm * Weight 3kg approx

This is a fairly simple SSB/AM radio. It has a facility to connect a loud speaker to it to operate as a Public Address system. It also features noise limiter & blanker, RF gain adjuster & Mic gain adjuster. This radio is not illegal for UK use, but is widely used throughout the UK.

The Uniden Grant XL is one of the top of the line radios. It is an SSB/AM radio with all the features of the PC122 above but features an analogue signal meter. This radio is not illegal for UK use, but is widely used throughout the UK.

This is a UHF CB. It features Tone Squelch & Selcall Sending facilities. Not illegal for UK Use.

This a popular multimode transceiver (AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW) widely used illegally by UK CB operators. Normally this radio only operates only on the 10 meter band (28 to 30 MHZ - Amateur radio band), but most of which have been modified for the 11 meter band (26 to 27 MHZ - includes UK and EU CB bands).

Channel selector : manual or electronic up and down keys. Frequency tuning. Volume with power ON/OFF control. Squelch. LCD display (RX/TX, mode, SWR, S/RF, frequency , channel, band). Jack for external S/RF meter and external speaker. Frequency lock. Scan function. RF power. MIC gain. NB/ANL switch. SWR calibration knob. Roger beep switch. Dimmer key. PA switch. Band selector. TX/RX indicator.

Frequency Range: 26 - 30 Mhz
Output Power: 10W FM/AM, 20W SSB
Dimensions: L185mm X H60mm X W250mm.

Another popular multimode transceiver used illegally in the UK.

Power switch. Volume control. Squelch. LCD display. Dimmer push button. Power control. RF gain. MIC gain. SWR calibration knob. Jack for external S/RF meter. NB/ANL push button. S/RF meter and external speaker. Roger beep push button. PA push button. Instant channel 19 push button. Clarifier. HI-CUT push button.

Can memorise up to 16 channels. Scanning of all memorised channels (SCAN). Security code system. Dual watch over Channel 19 and the channel being used (DW). Two-colour LCD display (DC). Sound keys (BEEP). Can go up and down channels 10 at a time (SELECT). Echo chamber (ECHO).

These 3 radios are handheld portable UHF CB radios. Both of these comprise of full 40 channel coverage and repeater operation. They also have adjustable output power control switches so the operator can prolong battery duration under constant usage for short range.


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