Mobile Antenna Mounting Techniques

In mobile CB radio mounting applications it is not easy to mount CB aerials.  I personally wouldn't dare drill a hole in my car to stick an aerial mount in.  Thankfully though, there are plenty of different ways to do it, and I can even show you some special antenna mounts for Australian cars that are well concealed.  Not only are their mounting variations but also devices to assist in antenna position and flexibility.

Firstly, here is the generic mounting base which is for 5/16" threaded aerials:

Below are various devies of which to mount this base to.  This mount will normally come with some meters of RG58 co-axial cable with a PL-259 plug on the end.

This base is a heavy duty mount for larger aerials and would most likely be on a bull bar or similar.  It supports aerials with only a 1/2" thread base, so an adaptor to 5/16" thread base would be required for smaller aerials.

These 3 mounts are used to mount aerials to gutters on cars.  Almost like house gutters the gutters on cars are just grooves on either side of the car to assist in water dispersion.  This is an ideal spot for mounting aerials, and gives good height clearance over the car.  The antenna base is placed through the whole in the top of the mount.  Therefore the grounding part of the mount makes good contact with the car body.

The 3 mounts on the left are all types of brackets that can be mounted permanently concealed. The small holes on each are for screws, and these mounts can be fitted at the boot or bonnet of a car.

The mount on the far left is for mounting around bars. This could be used for a bull-bar, or roof rack. The mount directly to the left is mainly for roof rack mounting.  These could be applied on 4WD's (SUV's) & Pick-up trucks.

This last one mounts on the boot/bonnet (hood) lip and tightens on using allen keys.  It has a slight angle on top to ensure the aerial is straight due to the boot/bonnet slope.  An angle adaptor might be required though.

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