Qsl Cards & Log Books

QSL Cards are basically a receipt sent from one CB Radio Operator (Amateur Radio as well) to another by post after making an initial contact. I myself have made many long range copies and have over 50 QSL cards (confirmed copies) including England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Malta and Albania

I haven't generally sent/received a QSL card from local communications however almost always when talking Internationally. Some QSL cards are nicely decorated with personalized graphics, others just postcards and some are full letters. Almost all however contain a log of the contact made. This log in the QSL can consist of some or all of the following:

I haven't seen a recent QSL card but I imagine these days they probably contain internet e-mail addresses and Homepage URLs as well. QSL cards could also be created on computer and posted via internet as well if really desired, however I would personally probably prefer to keep the transaction of QSL cards by post. Example layout of a possible QSL card:

Example QSL Cards: -




Of course to be able to exchange QSL cards the transmission has to last long enough to exchange at least postal details. Some people decorate their wall with QSL cards and the like, I have filed mine in a folder.

Along with the exchange of QSL cards some people keep a log book of contacts made over the air. These log books contain much the same as a QSL card log. They would also appear more like this:

Then there are also on-line log systems that people can use. You could write your own log book on computer. You could maintain one on a spreadsheet or database program. Some people have written log book programs (more so for amateur radio) and distributed them as shareware or freeware.

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