Basic Electronics

Radio Terminology

learn the basics, learn what's what! get a basic understanding of  all the major terms used in ham radio and electronics

Basic Electronic Units

learn the basics of those important components Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance - VERY LONG

Radio Basics

learn the basics at the necessary level to follow the later advanced topics. Begin to understand LC, reactance, impedance, even Q and other important basic concepts. 

Antennas, some rules of thumb for beginners

Every now and then somebody asks for antenna suggestions. Quite often these people asking about antennas are beginners who are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Aerial & Signal Theory

Common Radio Aerial and signal theory that exists across the radio spectrum. The following information prevails for whether it's CB radio, police radio, Television, broadcast radio, marine radio, airline radio, mobile phones etc.

A Basic Crystal Set

This basic old time radio uses no power other than that provided by the transmitting antenna from the radio station. Free power from the sky eh!. It truly is a marvel!.

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