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My strengths in completing my GCSEs at Larne high School, were in computer studies, geography, maths, science and technology. I was extremely interested in computer studies, technology and maths.

My strengths in completing my BTEC national diploma in engineering were in Micro electronics, digital electronics (Electronics B), computer applications, electronic principles, Computer Aided Drawing, engineering materials, Introduction To Numerical Control and PLC’s. I was very interested in all of my subjects, although my favourite subjects where subjects involving electronics and computers like digital electronics, computer applications, micro electronics, computer aided drawing (CAD) and PLC’s.

I am presently completing a BEng (hons) Electronics Systems at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown. This is a four-year course, 1st, 2nd and 4th year in the university environment and the 3rd year in an industrial environment. Having competed year 1, I have discovered that I am extremely interested in digital electronics, microprocessor electronics and computer programming.

I enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, cycling and fishing. I also enjoy most indoor activities like snooker, pool and amateur radio. I am extremely interested and enjoy working with computers, this includes: computer programming (have experience programming in C and BASIC), Website design (currently designing my own website in my spare time), networking (LAN and WAN) and basic computer applications (e.g. word processor, spread sheet, etc.). I am also extremely interested and enjoy working with electronics, this includes: digital electronics (Both design and repair of digital circuits), Microprocessor electronics (have experience using Z80, 6800 and 68000 processors) and upgrading my computer system (extra RAM, network card, Hard drive, CDR drive, etc.).

On completion of my degree at the University of Ulster I would like a job in the engineering field. I am interested in all fields of engineering including the mechanical end, but I would like to specialise in the electronic & computer end. Involving the use of computers to solve engineering related problems. Working with electronics either by repairing faulty electrical equipment, or by designing my own circuits to complete a certain task.

I spent one week working in Camco International in Monkstown for work experience when I was at Larne high School; it was a very interesting and enjoyable week and learned a lot about CNC lathes, CNC milling machines (including how the CNC machines were programmed) and precision instruments. I have been working in a local engineering company (D Engineering) in Belfast during my summer holidays from collage & university for the last three years now. The job involved me undertaking lots of different mechanical engineering practices. Including the use of drilling machines, a saw cutting machine, a punching machine, hand held angle grinders, mig welders, reading of technical drawing etc… This was a very good learning experience and enjoyed it very much. Although I prefer the electronics & computer side of engineering and hope my future career is in this area.

 I am reliable, punctual, always co-operative, hard working, always thoughtful to others and always give my best no matter what the task is.


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